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Monday, January 2, 2017

IKEA Vivan Curtains (updated 5.28.17)

Hello Y'all!!! I'm excited to share an update we made in our Dining Room... A farmhouse table and benches! #bestdecisionever...which then led to a curtain change of course. 

The curtains in the dining/family room combo were a gold-beige with a silk like finish. Since we are transitioning from Tuscan decor to more of a modern vintage style there was a clash of beige vs. beige going on between the curtains, the wall color, and the new table. It just didn’t feel right. I am shying away from a formal look all together, I want some glam but a comfortable modern mix. 

For the next few months, I looked at hundreds (I am not kidding) of curtains in stores and online; keep in mind I need 7 panels so it’s hard to find anything on clearance racks when you need that many. And a side note, please forgive the bad photo quality as I did not realize this was going to be a post when doing this project. 

IKEA to the rescue - I found Vivan Curtains* in white. They have a flowing gauzy lightweight flow to them. They are a true white and lend a casual feel. I also wanted to make sure whichever curtains I get have a hidden tab top option to make them pleated and do not block out light since this room is north facing. Vivan checked all my boxes and best of all they come in a pairs so who could go wrong. Also they are 98 1/2" in length so I can customize how I want them to hang. Here is a picture of the packaging for reference. 

Now for the fun part. The curtains are 98.5 long. But not to worry IKEA also has Sy Iron On Hemming Tape*. I wasn’t sure about this little product or that I could actually hem these curtains. I am defiantly NOT a seamstress; but I tried. I knew I had at 1 extra panel for an oops.

I removed my old curtains, cleaned each window and Curtain Rods* thoroughly.  Before I hemmed anything I washed all 8 panels according to the directions as I wanted to make sure any shrinkage or issues were addressed before I started hemming. Then I Ironedevery panel..yes I know I go overboard. LOL. I have a basic steam Iron* and board* because I really only it for special items and projects. 

Next I hung the panels on the backwards on the curtain rods*. Now, in this house nothing is level or even so I did not feel comfortable just measuring each panel and hoping that would be right for all 7 panels. I need to physically see where to measure and this seemed like the only for sure way. Since I wanted the curtains to slightly brush the floor, I folded the material up to the right length and used straight pins to secure.

I took them down one panel at a time and ironed where the hem would go for a clean crisp line. Then I cut the excess fabric leaving about 2 inches to make my hem.

Next, you will need a damp rag (I used a white washcloth) and a the iron to hem. I rolled the tape along my hem line and folded the 2 inch allowance back over the hem tape. So your hem tape will be in between the 2 pieces of curtain fabric. Make sure you are working on the reverse side of your panel so your hem will be on the correct side!  Then, I placed the damp rag over the hem and pressed down with the hot iron, I held it there about 7-10 seconds. You will hear a scorching sound from the wet rag. Work your way down the hem line until you’re done. 

It was really that simple! I did all 7 panels in about 2 hours not including their initial wash. My curtains ended up being about 86 inches once finished. 

They feel so clean and light, it really gives the room a casual feel. What do you think? Please leave a comment I love to interact with you guys!

Til next time ❤∽ Jenn

*This post contains affiliate links - you don’t pay more if you click on these links but I might earn a small commission which allows me to keep bringing you more blogging fun!

Shop the Room
Wall Color - Warm Buff in Semi-gloss by Valspar
Room Trim - Anthem White in Semi-Gloss by Valspar
Table and Bench -custom made locally stained Medium Walnut with Satin finish
Curtains - IKEA Vivan in White
Curtain Rods - Bird Cage Oil Rubbed Bronze Rods
Chandelier - Lowes (discontinued)
Paintings - by my Husbands Grandmother
Black and White Buffalo Check Pillows - similar
Wood Chairs - found at an thrift store a few years ago
Iron - Black and Decker Steam Iron
Ironing Board - here
Hem Tape - Hem Tape for Curtains
Faux Fur Rug/accent throw - faux fur white

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