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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dining Room Before & After

Hello All! I hope your 2017 is is treating you well. It is going by so quick, January is almost over. I realized I left you hanging after a B&A pic of our Dining Room on IG. Sorry about that, but better late than never.  Let's get to it shall is our new farmhouse table and benches at Thanksgiving..LOVE them!

I took these photos when we purchased the house and did our final walk through. The furniture in the before pictures below is not ours, but you can see the dark dated paneling and overall starting point.


This view is from the adjoining family room. When I look back at before pictures of this house I wonder what on earth were we thinking. There is absolutely nothing I like about any of it, except the house is in a good neighborhood and school district. It has good bones and we took a leap of faith.

This view is looking from our kitchen. Again, not our furniture. This room seemed so "cave" like. The windows are actually large, but they didn't let in any light. 

Here is what it looked like just after we moved in

We originally had a round glass and wood Tuscan style dining table as you can in the pic below; which we sold and opted for a farmhouse table and benches.  We had an electrician properly hang a chandelier and put on a dimmer switch. The old light was a wall plug and swagged on the ceiling. I had originally hung faux silk curtains, which were changed out when we got our farmhouse table. You can read about the curtains here.


This photo was taken right after New Years.  I left the Christmas tree trimmings in the basket...and oops I forgot to pack away the Santa's Sac. :) 

I would really like to get new flooring in this space one day, probably wood looking tile. We had so many other unforeseen projects on the agenda after moving in, replacing something that wasn't broke had to be put on hold. The tile floor is not my taste, but its in good condition and is easy to maintain. We scrubbed the tile and grout and it cleaned up very nice. 

The trim was painted white and curtain rods hung wider than the window to allow as much light as possible. Side note - it took an 5 gallons of  Kilz to cover the wood paneling. Luckily, we have a few good friends who work for pizza and beer.  This is now a light and airy room. The dining room takes a lot of use from dinner to craft projects. I'm so happy this space turned out so well. That paneling was scary.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share our dinning room with you.  What was your favorite part?


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